Mawson Rovers to support UTS in developing space payload

Sydney, Australia · 29 March 2022

Mawson Rovers is thrilled to announce we are supporting the University of Technology, Sydney with the development and launch of an experimental satellite payload mission, planned to launch on an Australian cubesat as early as 2023.

Through this project, UTS aims to characterise the performance of a new thermal management system for spacecraft, which can increase the resiliency and duty cycle of high performance computing in space. This has potential commercial applications in commercial earth observation satellites, which can use increased edge computing capabilities to support agriculture and address climate change.

“UTS is a leader in inter-disciplinary manufacturing research, and this satellite payload mission will demonstrate new commercial applications for our technology across several research areas,” said Nick Bennett, Senior Lecturer at UTS School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, and project lead. “We are proud of our strong industry partnerships at UTS, and glad to have the support of Mawson Rovers in the development of this mission.”

For Mawson Rovers, this is an opportunity to demonstrate our development capabilities in space-ready software, electronics and satellite integration. The thermal management capability will also be foundational for for future robotics and lunar missions.

Matt Ryall, CEO and Co-founder of Mawson Rovers, said: “Our vision at Mawson Rovers is to build robots to help humans explore space, and this new mission with UTS represents an important step in our journey. Together with our mission partners, we have the opportunity to demonstrate Australian technology in a space mission that will unlock new capabilities to make life better for everyone on Earth.”

As an industry partner, the contribution of Mawson Rovers to this mission includes engineering time, satellite hardware, and a portion of the launch costs.

For more information, please contact [email protected].